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A Prayer for Revival

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Father in Heaven,

Pull me a little closer to you, so now and forever and always I will be in your presence, looking in

His eyes, and gazing upon the one who made me, knows me, and loves me.

Father let it begin. let revival begin and fill us with the water of eternal life that may only be found here at the well, for you and you alone Lord have the power to grant such gifts.

You are the healer of disease.

You tell the dead to arise.

You raise up our spirits and illuminate our hearts with joy.

For we seek, knock, and pray we have confidence that you are listening, you are present, and we will find you.

Father, you give us purpose and place a fire within our hearts so we may shine a little light in this world and share your Gospel and power with all whom we come to know.

You make this possible because your love knows no borders, it knows no end.

Therefore, since this is true, I ask you to help me see this truth in new ways here today.

I ask this so I will not worry, and be able to place my trust solely in the name of Jesus.

For you have promised many things to us, and you have prepared the feast for us to celebrate at, and Lord, I am excited for the day I will be coming home but I pray that you would bring many others with me. I want to see people come to know you, for how can it be that I, who once was lost, is now found and forgiven by You. God your love is far greater than any other we can know. You leave the 99 for the one. You knew the cost and you paid it, though all we have is two coins, you look at us with love, show grace, and bring our hearts to you.

I thank you for this Father and I trust in your promises.

I know that as I ask you to come into my heart and to be my savior that I will one day dwell forever with You. That I will be with my Lord, King, and Savior for all eternity and all the wrong in this world will be made right for you are just and you are good.

I know God that as I pray and send my prayers beyond the stars that you are listening to me.

You hear my prayers and answer them. Thank you for answering my prayers and for showing up time and time again. Father, because of what you have done for us, we have been given great confidence for you said, "It is finished."

My worth and my value have been settled at the cross and I need no longer fear anything because I have been adopted into the Holy relationship between God the Father and God the Son and given the Holy Spirit as a result of what He has done.

So Father I run this face to fulfill the tasks set out before me and to do your will. I hold all of these things in my heart and trust not in what is seen but that which is unseen. For I know that you are with me and will meet me, at the end of the road.

I pray all of these things in your mighty name,


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