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Welcome to the Moses Project! 

Start by watching the video below!

Story Overview

      The Moses Project is an original production comprised of 8 songs performed by a symphonic orchestra, a choir, several soloists, and 5 narrators (actors).

     The story is set during Israel’s 40 years in exile, after the great exodus of the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt.

     While the actors narrate and give background, the orchestra and choir will bring the Biblical stories to life through the music! The show teaches Exodus 1-14 from the Bible, and the entire production is based on these words from Exodus 10:2

     “That you may tell your children and grandchildren how I dealt harshly with the Egyptians and how I performed my signs among them, and that you may know that I am the Lord.”

     Through this performance, we will tell the audience who our God is through the many signs and wonders He performed in bringing His people out of bondage.


     As the music and story unfold, you’ll find yourself not just performing notes, but delivering a message of hope that resonates with your spirit and the hearts of the audience!

Join us!

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Mondays, 6-8pm

1.August 26th

2.September 3rd (Tues.)

3.September 9th

4.September 16th

5.September 23rd

6.September 30th

7.October 7th

8.October 14th

9.October 21st

10.October 28th

Week of the Show:

(Full run-throughs, Times 6-8)

Monday, November 4th

Tuesday, November 5th

Wednesday, November 6th

Show Length

Approx. 90 minutes

Location for Rehearsals

and Performances:

Community Church 3487 PA-130, Irwin, PA 15642


Take 2 minutes and fill out this interest form if you'd like to sing, play, or act in "The Moses Project"!

Listen to two demos from the show and follow along with a sample score!

"Moses" is the first song in the show and gives an overview of all the stories to come!

"Bricks Without Straw" tells the story of the conversation between Moses and Pharaoh. This argument ultimately 

leads to Pharaoh's decision to take away the straw the Israelites used to create bricks, causing Moses to question how God is working...

"Moses" Sample Score





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