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          Songs for Revival was founded in January of 2020 by Adam Bannister. It began when he wrote 17 out of the 20 songs in their original album, It Is Finished, within 4 weeks. After writing this music Adam began to pray for individuals to sing these songs. Within one week and between two continents the Lord led Adam to the five other members of the original group: Giovanna Johnson, Brooke Bannister, Katie Shaw Ficker, Mollie Landman Hunker, and Peter Stauffer. 

            As the group began rehearsing and practicing the music, they faced many challenges, one of them being the isolation effects of Covid-19. Though separated by the effects of Covid-19, they rehearsed and continually prayed for discernment regarding the album’s release. A concert was originally planned for spring of 2020, but the cancellation was nothing short of God reminding the group of His perfect and sovereign timing. 

            In the waiting and hardships that followed, God used this time to prepare the group’s hearts, the website materials, and music for the ministry to come. Many hours were spent praying over the music, specifically for God to provide opportunities to share. Over the next several months these prayers were answered time and time again, and the members of Songs for Revival stood in awe of God’s faithfulness as He used this music to share the love of Jesus and bring healing to others through song. Though the music was not shared with the masses in the group's timing, opportunities were presented to share with various individuals on a personal basis. The group continues to pray for the opportunity to share this message with the masses so all may know the love of Christ. 

            Songs for Revival began their ministry through the album, It Is Finished, and has plans to continue writing, producing, and sharing more music. The music was written with the intention of sharing the Gospel with the lost, specifically those who have not heard the Good News. Our prayer is for you to know the richness and fullness of Christ through the singing of His word… and join us as we sing together these songs for revival


"I will never forget how Katie said these songs are songs of revival … Therefore in light of all God has done and is doing we will sing … we will sing these Songs for Revival… "

                                      -Excerpt from Adam Bannister's story

"I am so excited to see how God uses this music to reach the lives of His children and inspire them to want to truly know Him." 

                                     -Excerpt from Giovanna Johnson's story

"It has truly been one of the greatest joys of my life to be a part of this journey. My prayer is that when these songs are listened to, nothing would be heard but the voice of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord."

                                     -Excerpt from Brooke Bannister's story

"These friends, and this music, have forever changed my life, and the music has helped bring my grandma to the Lord.  I have already seen hearts transformed by these melodies, and I cannot wait to see how the Lord will continue to use these songs to change the hearts of so many others."

                                     -Excerpt from Mollie Landman Hunker's story

"But God came right down into all of the angst, and He never left us - not one time. No matter what I brought His way – tears of sorrow, questions, anger, confusion – He was always there when I turned and called to Him

                                     -Excerpt from Katie Shaw Ficker's story

"In one of the practices that Adam and I had over the summer, we were jamming out to Coming Home, and I had a vivid image in my head of children dancing and singing to this music just like I would do when my dad played his favorite 80s worship songs.  It is my hope and prayer that all those who listen to this album will join us as we dance and sing and worship our Almighty God."

                                     -Excerpt from Peter Stauffer's story



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