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Changed My Life For Good.

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Songs for Revival

Welcome to our website! Use the menu above to stream our music, watch our music videos and concerts, read our stories, and learn through our Dive Deeper Bible Studies!

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Fall Tour

Come hear Songs for Revival on our 2023 Fall Tour in the Greater Pittsburgh and Ohio area as we share our music and testimonies!
For more information on concert details visit the "TOUR" page or follow the link below.

Dive Deeper Bible study series

These Bible Studies are based off of Songs for Revival's release, "Hallelujah Amen" and were developed by SFR member, Katie Ficker, to help families grow closer to God and each other!

Download yours today!

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Amen Youth Dive Deeper Bible Study(8.5 × 11 in).png
All Nations Youth Dive Deeper Bible Study(8.5 × 11 in).png
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All Weeks now available!


     Songs for Revival was founded in January of 2020 when I wrote our original album, It Is Finished, within 4 weeks. I was reading from the book of Luke and would feel led by the Spirit to write certain stories into songs. After writing the lyrics for each song, I would hear the melodies in my head and write them down as quickly as possible! When I completed the album, I began to pray for individuals to sing these songs. Within one week and between Pittsburgh and Guatemala the Lord led me to the five original members of the group, and God has continued to bring others into our vision of witnessing transformation in the hearts of people and revival throughout the nations.  


     Through the ministering of our music, I have seen lives transformed, healed, and restored by the power of the God. I have witnessed revival in my own heart and continue to see others be inspired as they hear the truth of the Bible and learn that they are extraordinarily loved. I have found the Lord, and in Him I have found my purpose and identity. So, I invite you to read our testimonies (click below) and see for yourself why we cannot help but sing about this Jesus who has revived our souls.

-Adam Banister

Founder and CEO of Songs for Revival LLC


Hallelujah Amen
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