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About Us

Our Mission Statement:

     Songs for Revival LLC writes, produces, and tours original music with the goal of creating a space of worship, preaching the Bible through song, and seeing people come into deep relationship with Jesus Christ. 


Our Vision Statement:

     Songs for Revival LLC has the vision of witnessing transformation in the hearts of people and revival throughout the nations. 

Our Story:


     Songs for Revival was founded in January of 2020 by Adam Bannister when he wrote 17 out of the 20 songs in their original album, It Is Finished, within 4 weeks. After writing this music Adam began to pray for individuals to sing these songs. Within one week and between two continents the Lord led Adam to the five other members of the original group. God continues to grow SFR with the addition of members, songs, and opportunities to share these songs He has given us in a variety of platforms.

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