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We are excited to have your family join us on this journey of diving deeper into the Word of God as we connect the lyrics behind Songs for Revival's release, "Hallelujah Amen" to biblical truths! 


In this Dive Deeper Bible Study you will receive:

1. A 4 day Dive Deeper Bible Study Kids Guide

2. A 4 day Dive Deeper Bible Study You Guide (this is also a great study for parents and adults!)

3. A Parent guide


"Amen" is Week 3 of the 4-week "Hallelujah Amen" Dive Deeper Bible Study. Have you experienced the power of “Amen” in your life? In this 4 Day study taken from the book of Psalms, bring your family on a journey of discovering the significance of this important word and the key truths attached to “Amen” in the Bible. Our prayer is that through this study, you will grow closer to the Lord and as a family! Join us as we all dive deeper into the goodness of our great God!

"Amen" Dive Deeper Bible Study - Week 3

  • Upon download you will receive a zipped folder titled "'Goodness' Dive Deeper Bible" which you will need to expand in order to access the Dive Deeper Studies in PDF form within.

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