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Easter 2021

The Easter holiday is a perfect time to reflect on the gift of salvation that is offered to us through Christ’s life, death, and resurrection. And what better way to remember this priceless gift than to sing the story of Jesus living a sinless life only to die in the place of sinners!

Within the past few days, members of Songs for Revival separately remembered this sacrifice by worshipping to the song, “It Is Finished.” “It Is Finished” was written to be sung from Mary’s (mother of Jesus) perspective, as she recounts the events that took place on the cross, and explains what it means for us today.

During this Easter week, the members of Songs for Revival are scattered across the world. Most are home with their families in different states and communities for this holiday while Adam celebrates this season serving in Honduras. Though we could not physically gather with one another and sing together, we still worship our Lord as one in the Spirit.

On this blog, you can view clips of some Songs for Revival members singing this glorious and hope-filled song. Some of us are singing in front of different congregations at local churches, some of us are singing from the comforts of our own homes, but all of us are singing with joy in our hearts as we remember what has been done for us at Calvary. All of us sing with confidence knowing that the work needed to save our souls has already been accomplished by Jesus on the cross. There is nothing more we need to do. Truly, it is finished, through Christ alone.

The story of Christ’s death and sacrifice should not only be told in one language at one spot on this globe. Rather, this life-saving gospel should be preached and sung in every tongue to every tribe on this earth. Across county, state, and country borders, and in both English and Spanish, members of Songs for Revival share this Good News in song. No matter where we go or what language we use to share, we will continue to sing of the finished work offered to us through Jesus Christ.

Until every person hears, we will sing. Until every heart believes, we will sing. Until every soul is saved, we will sing.

We will sing these songs for revival.


Se Ha Cumplido (Adam y Daniel)

It Is Finished (Adam and Daniel)

It Is Finished (Mollie Hunker Landman)

It Is Finished (Giovanna Johnson)

It Is Finished (Brooke Bannister)

It Is Finished (Katie Shaw Ficker)


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