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Scripture and Lyrics

Built on You

Psalm 127:1 (NIV) 


A song of ascents. Of Solomon.

1 Unless the Lord builds the house,
   the builders labor in vain.
Unless the Lord watches over the city,
   the guards stand watch in vain.



Unless the Lord builds this house

I labor in vain

I labor in vain

Unless the Lord moves in me

How will I change

I will not change



So I’m calling on You

I’m calling on You, Jesus

Holy Spirit move through

Every part of my heart

Come and tear it apart

Until I’m built on You



Lord please Help me to grow 

And love Your commands

Not build on the sand

Lord please Help me be wise

And build on the rock

to walk in your ways



Here are my plans

You make the path

I won’t turn back

Here are my steps

Establish the next

As I lift my feet off the ground

Here is my song

You take the lead

And I’ll sing along

Here is my life

I choose to die

So You may live in me

Image by Sixteen Miles Out

Dive Deeper

Dive Deeper

     Have you ever tried to build something complex without any instruction or previous experience?  I know I have, and I know it didn’t work out too well.  While it can be a fun challenge to build a complex bunk bed from IKEA without any directions, I’m sure no one would sleep soundly on the top bunk knowing how the bed was built.  If a single screw is left out, the entire bed could fall and the hard work would be wasted. If proper care isn't placed in reading the manual; truly; the labor to build the bunk bed would be in vain.


The Bible speaks to this topic in the Book of Psalms: 


Psalm 127:1

Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain


     So, what does it mean for the LORD to build the house?  Does He make the house appear with His spoken Word?  Does He physically put one brick on top of another?  Probably not.  God tends to use His people to do His work.  God has sent an instruction manual𑁋the Bible𑁋to guide the people in doing the work God calls them to do.  When people obey the LORD, they can be confident that their work will not fail because God has been the one in charge.


     Wasted work isn’t limited to assembling Swedish furniture or building a house.  When we try to do something as complex and challenging as living a meaningful life without any guidance, we will surely fail and find ourselves laboring in vain. 


     Following the guidance that has been given to us by God is truly a form of surrender.  When we surrender to God, we give up our own will and submit to the will of God.  While following God’s guidance is one way to submit to His will, we can also surrender to God by giving Him our plans, dreams, and ultimately, our life.


Proverbs 16:9

In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.


     Sometimes people think that surrendering to God means that we no longer have to do anything.  If God is in the driver’s seat, that means I can sleep while He drives, right?  Wrong.  Even though Christians are called to surrender, we are also called to act in faith.  God will place our steps in the right places when we submit to Him, but we have to lift our feet and begin to walk!


Here are my plans, You make the path.  I won’t turn back.  

Here are my steps, establish the next as I lift my feet on the ground.  

Here is my song, will You take the lead and I’ll sing along.  

Here is my life, I choose to die so You may live in me.


     Surrendering is hard.  It may seem a bit scary to give everything to God and not know what will happen next.  Sometimes we think:  If I give up my dream of becoming a doctor, will God ask me to be a missionary?  If I give my finances over to God, will He ask me to give everything away?  If I fully give my life to God, will He have me die as a martyr?


     Sometimes, these things will happen, and sometimes they won’t.  Regardless, when we surrender to Him, God will transform our hearts to desire the things He plans for us.  While we won’t always know what will happen when we fully give our lives to God, we know He will always be faithful and will walk with us.  All we have to do is call on Him.


     I’m calling on You, Jesus.  Holy Spirit, move through every part of my heart, come and tear it apart, until I’m built on You.


     We won’t be able to surrender to God unless we are standing on a firm foundation.  Too often, we find ourselves sinking in sand; we build our life on selfishness, greed, pride, fear, lust, and we keep on falling further and further down.  


     If you find yourself here, call on Jesus.  Right now, say out loud “Jesus, Help me. Come move through my heart and help me surrender my plans for Yours. Here is all I have, I give it to You, please rebuild the foundation on which I stand.”  


     HE is our strong and firm foundation.  HE is the precious cornerstone.  HE is the solid rock that we can confidently stand on.  

     Surrender everything at His feet because He died to take it all and set you free.  Build your life on Him alone, and you will find eternal peace, joy, and life.

Questions for Reflection


  1. Do you find it difficult to rely on God for guidance in your life?

  2. What are some things that are hard for you to surrender to God?  What “steps” can you take to give these things over to your Heavenly Father?

  3. What is one area or situation in your life that you need to give over to God and ask Him to help you rebuild the foundation? Right now, say “Jesus I give you ______________ and ask you to help me rebuild this area of my life with the light, love, and life of your Name”.

  4. Have you given your life over to Jesus?  If not, what’s keeping you from receiving Him as your Savior?

Image by Tim Mossholder

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