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Annie Polka


     Hey there, reader! My name is Annie and if you don’t read all of this, no worries!

This paragraph is what matters: YOU were made special and without mistakes by

God. He loves us so much that He died on the cross to save us from our

wrongdoings. And the best part is…He didn’t stay dead. He rose from the grave

and is ALIVE! No matter what is in the past, our future can be secure in Heaven

if you choose to surrender to Jesus. You’re never too far gone. Trust in Him,

confess that you are a sinner and need His help, and see how your life changes

as you begin a relationship with Him (Romans 10:9-11.) You won’t regret it! 

     When I was young, I noticed joy in my family members. My grandma (Bubbie) had a spirit of joy that overflowed onto our immediate family and church family. I asked her at the age of six one night as she faithfully served at our Vacation Bible School, “Why are you so happy all the time?” She told me that having a relationship with Jesus (talking to Him, asking Him questions, and trusting Him) filled her with joy and gave her strength to go from day to day. Bubbie always said, “You are never stuck.” She relied on the Holy Spirit and had radical trust in God to order her steps. I WANTED THAT! That evening, I asked my group leader to help me pray. I told God that I believed that Jesus died on the cross for me, and acknowledged that I was a sinner who wanted God to be the leader of my life. That’s the best and most important decision I or anyone can make. It means that we can someday live eternally with God in heaven. *TRUE JOY!* 


     I’m much older than six now (!) and God has seen me through trials that have produced perseverance in me to continue to follow Him. I have not always been faithful to follow Him with the same vigor during my lifetime, but as it says in 2 Timothy 2:13, “If we are faithless, He remains faithful, for he cannot disown himself.” I am in awe of His love for me despite my many failures and attempts to earn my salvation along my faith walk.


     A phrase that means a great deal to me is Coram Deo: "Living before the face of God." My purpose is to honor God by living consistently in a relationship with Him. No achievement, job or relationship is more important. I fail daily, but I am humbled by God's mercy and relentless, loving pursuit.I battle anxiety, fear, and self-reliance instead of reliance on God. Some days there are victories that help me remember God’s faithfulness in difficult circumstances. And some days I forget to set my heavenly gaze and spend time with a Father whose promises are firm despite my shortcomings. I am loved so thoroughly by my savior, father, friend, and teacher. And just like my Bubbie taught me many years ago, I know through Christ that “I am never stuck.” To God be all the glory and praise!


     I have a degree in Music Education, and love combining my passions of music and administration to serve God. I currently serve as the Executive Assistant to the lead Pastor of Allegheny Center Alliance Church and I am member of the Creative Arts team. My connection to SFR began long before the first album or song. Adam (and now Sara too!) are my cousins. Music is an important part of our family history.  Long before SFR, first there was C4C: Cousins for Christ! Singing around the piano at home and in church with my family are some of my fondest childhood memories. (Oh, and I should note: Adam and I sang duets occasionally and would call ourselves Double A’s. Yes- like the batteries!) God prepares us when we are young to fulfill the callings He has for us when we grow up. It’s a privilege to serve on the admin team for SFR and sing with friends. I pray that the message of SFR’s music would bring you closer to God, and you’d know how deeply loved you are by Him! 

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